About Tamaya Wellness Program.

We’re located inside the Tamaya Wellness Center. Come Visit!

To encourage this ongoing support, as a member please feel free to message the Tamaya Wellness Program of any events, resources, or improvements we can add to advancing our community forward!

Tamaya Wellness Progam Staff:

JoAnna Garcia

Adult Wellness & Fitness Manager

joanna.garcia@santaana-nsn.gov • (505) 771-6763

Perdita Wexler

CDC Project Coordinator

perdita.wexler@santaana-nsn.gov • (505) 771-6770

Nicholas Arviso

Nutrition & Fitness Specialist

nicholas.arviso@santaana-nsn.gov • (505) 771-6744

Tina Trejo-Winn

Administrative Assistant

tina.winn@santaana-nsn.gov •  (505) 771-6753

Kevin L. Montoya

Program Outreach Specialist

kevin.l.montoya@santaana-nsn.gov • (505) 771-6383

To promote wellness as a way of life in Santa Ana we:

1) support people in their individual wellness journeys,

2) create the conditions that make healthy choices easier, and 

3) work hand-in-hand with partners and community. 

Our History

Tamaya Wellness Program has promoted wellness in the Santa Ana Pueblo community for over 20 years. During our two decades, we have set our roots, focusing on increasing physical activity, boosting healthy eating through education, and providing support for disease prevention and self-care. We continually evolve and expand our work to include approaches aimed at creating the conditions in our community that make healthier choices easier. Alongside our work with individuals, we also build and rely on partnerships, knowing we are more powerful when we work together towards a healthy and strong future for Santa Ana. Throughout our history and our work, Tamaya Wellness Program maintains a commitment to the deep wisdom and knowledge from within the community, while promoting evidence-based public health models. We value and solicit community input.

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