Mission Statement

To provide the Pueblo of Santa Ana with a department that defines Professional service, people oriented cooperation, innovative technologies, career development and training opportunities.
Continue efforts with professional alignment dedicated to its Tribal members, business partners and their patrons. Set the example of water and wastewater system leadership for all agencies.


The Pueblo is pleased to announce that a Utilities Department has been formed to continue to provide the community with safe drinking water and waste water treatment and disposal.

The staff is highly trained and certified with a combined experience of 71 years in utility operation!

We are excited about some new projects in the area of system maintenance in the water and water systems. The staff is working hard to maintain the high standards of the Pueblo to provide safe and effective water and wastewater treatment, maintain the water and sewer system lines and pumping stations, maintain the proper operation of valves and hydrants to ensure adequate fire protection and provide a level of community service and peace of mind to all the residents of the Pueblo to develop and implement natural resource management programs which protect, preserve, and enhance the natural living environment for current tribal members and future generations.

Utilities Director

Dennis Wing

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Monday to Friday
7:00am - 4:00pm