Social Services

Social Services Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Pueblo of Santa Ana Department of Social Services is to provide culturally competent and comprehensive Social Services for the welfare, care, support and protection, to the child, the adult, the elder, the family, the Pueblo of Santa Ana, and the community as a whole, in collaboration with other community service providers.

What we offer

Family Support Services –We offer assistance to families who may be struggling or experiencing problems with making ends meet, including assistance with applications, referrals, and some emergency funding to ensure the family’s basic needs are being met.

Protective Services – We investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect, elder abuse or neglect, and domestic violence within the Pueblo of Santa Ana. For tribal members who live outside the Pueblo boundaries, we work in conjunction with state agencies to ensure adherence to ICWA guidelines.

Domestic Violence Services – We offer services such as advocacy, emergency shelter, assistance with all court proceedings, and counseling services for the victims of domestic violence.

Community Health Representative (CHR)– The CHR is available to help monitor and care for those who suffer from minor medical issues while in the home. CHRs work with the family to ensure your loved one is receiving the care and support needed to ensure a healthy and safe life.

Substance Abuse and mental health – If you or someone you love is suffering from issues stemming from substance abuse or mental health, we can assist your family with support and resources to assist in the healing process.

Do you know a child, elder or family in need? Would you like for someone to help them, but are unsure of who to talk to? There are several ways to contact us.

2 Dove Rd, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004


505-771-6747 (CHR Office Number)

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