Tribal Police

Mission Statement

The mission of the Santa Ana Police Department is to protect the life, property and rights of all tribal members and visitors to tribal lands. We will uphold the United States Constitution; enforce the laws of the United States Government, the State of New Mexico, and the Pueblo of Santa Ana. We will aggressively and proactively work with the community to enhance relationships with law enforcement and reduce crime in all sectors of the pueblo.

The development and implementation of community outreach programs will be a priority for the Santa Ana Police Department. Programs and policies will be implemented to engage our elders and youth in the overall health and safety of our streets and neighborhoods. The building of relationships between all members of the pueblo, private and public, will be a top priority of the men and women of the Santa Ana Police Department. 

Staff Information

Chief – Bennett Leon
First Lieutenant – Chuck Weaver
Second Lieutenant – Joe Montoya
Administrative Assistants – Yolanda Montoya and Rochelle Armijo

Records Request

Requesting Police Records call (505) 771-6730 prior to visiting our office
Police Reports can take 5 to 7 business days to be completed depending on the type of incident.
Fees for Police Reports:
$2.00 per page
$35.00 photos and video via email or disc.

Police Report Payment Information

All payments will be made by money order and business checks only (we do not accept cash)
Money order and business checks can be made to: Pueblo of Santa Ana
Payment sent to:
Santa Ana Pueblo Police Department
Attention: Records
02 Dove Rd.
Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004

Contact Tribal Police


(Non-Emergency calls)


Monday-Friday: 8am - 4:30pm
Saturday and Sunday CLOSED (Holiday hours will vary)

02 Dove Rd, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004
(Located in between the IHS Clinic and Senior Center - Southeast Corner)

Emergency? Dial 911