Student Services

The Department of Education monitors Santa Ana students who reside on the Santa Ana reservation and attend Bernalillo Public Schools, students who commute to out of district schools on a daily basis, and those who attend and dorm at SFIS.

Home School Liaison Services

The Home School Liaison Program advocates for students, and maintains communication between the school and home for students attending public, private, and contract schools.

The following documents are required to receive Tribal and Johnson O’Malley funding: All students must have a Parent Authorization Form and Certificate of Indian Blood on file with the Santa Ana Department of Education.

Scholarship Funding

Higher Education Scholarship:

The Tribe has higher education scholarship funds for members wanting to attend higher education.   Students wanting to apply for a scholarship may pick up a scholarship packet at the Department of Education.  When a student has completed the application process and submitted all the necessary documents in a timely manner,  the student’s file is reviewed by the Santa Ana Education Board.  The Santa Ana Education Board determines eligibility and scholarship award or denial.

Youth Scholarship:

The tribe funds youth K-12 to attend leadership programs, summer college prep programs, summer enrichment classes and other education conferences/workshops.  Student must apply for this scholarship through the Department of Education.  You may pick up an application at the Department of Education. All students follow the same application procedures.  Once the student has submitted all the required documents, the file is reviewed by the Santa Ana Education Board who determines eligibility and scholarship award or denial.

After School Program


Santa Ana Department of Education After School youth receive academic support from staff to complete homework and reinforce classroom learning. In addition, SADE Afterschool program youth can utilize Computer Resource Center to improve their literacy and computer skills.


After School Program youth develop their creative minds and bodies in various arts and culture programs. Some of the art activities given are creative writing, visual art, computer art, and various crafts.

Recreation Activities

At Afterschool, youth participate in a range of physical fitness activities. Youth are encouraged to develop their abilities in various team sports and learn new skills many of which are through teamwork challenges. After School Program offers a balance of games, team challenges and recreational fitness opportunities.

Summer Program

Santa Ana Department of Education Summer Program encompasses much of the same outlined program like the After School Program, In addition Tamaya language and culture are incorporated into the program. The Summer Program also takes various field trips through-out the summer.

Registration (After School / Summer)

Registration for After School Program is always open from August through May. Summer Program registration to be determined. For more information about the  After School / Summer Program, call (505) 771-6722. To register your child, please come down to the Santa Ana Library and pick up a registration packet.

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