Sustainability Program

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the principle of creating and maintaining the conditions for humans and nature to coexist in harmony. Here at Santa Ana Pueblo, we aim to incorporate sustainable principles as an approach to developing solutions through sound practices to protect human health and the environment. Sustainable practices can be very broad and understanding our connection to the natural environment and impacts of a changing climate is important to developing priorities for the Pueblo of Santa Ana. A proactive approach serves as an inspiration for others to prioritize sustainability and resilience. Effective community outreach and engagement with Tribal Leadership can help to identify and develop sustainable solutions that meet the unique needs of the community. 

What are Sustainability Priorities for Santa Ana Pueblo?

Environmental stewardship has always been, and always will be, a high priority for the Pueblo. After meeting with the community, the following priorities were identified:

-Use available resources to become energy efficient and diverse

-Reuse & recycle to protect & produce a sustainable environment for our future

-Provide education & training opportunities that incorporate Santa Ana culture & values into the community

-Become leaders in protecting & enhancing environmental resources & improved quality of life

-Create a community with comfortable, safe, well-built, and energy efficient homes

Through the EPA Climate Pollution Reduction Grant, the Environmental Division developed a Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP) to help understand impacts of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) on the Pueblo. Through feedback from the community and Tribal Leadership, our approach to developing potential GHG reduction measures that could be implemented at the Pueblo are described in the PCAP.

The proposed climate actions can be read about here: PSA PCAP 

Community Solar Development for Santa Ana Pueblo

 As the Pueblo explores alternative energy options, it is guided by the following goals identified by the community at the Solar Sessions held in April 2022:

 1) Energy sovereignty

 2) Cleaner energy 

3) Lower energy bills

4) Environmental and economical sound choices for future generations

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is way tribal members can access the benefits of solar energy without buying solar panels or requiring rooftop installation on their homes. Participants of community solar are often called subscribers. Benefits to subscribers are lower electric bills costs, economic benefits, workforce development, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


We are excited to share that the Pueblo of Santa Ana received the BIA Tribal Electrification Grant for a community solar development project! As we begin to start the process of implementing this project, updates will be provided to the community.

Read the press release here!

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