GIS and IT Division

The Geographic Information System/Information Technology (GIS/IT) Division provides GIS and IT support to the DNR, to the Santa Ana Tribal Administration, and other tribal entities as needed. GIS has been an integral part of the DNR since its inception and is being used as a tool to help DNR staff plan projects and pursue funding opportunities. GIS is also used during project implementation and in monitoring the effects of projects after completion. The GIS/IT Division is also responsible for the computer, network, and communications systems used by the DNR.

What is a GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a combination of hardware, software, data, and users that allows for the display and manipulation of data that is referenced to a geographic location. This data can be either raster (i.e. satellite imagery, digital elevation models) or vector (i.e. reservation boundary, road centerlines, sample locations). When combined, it is possible to produce maps for printing or display. It is also possible to perform analysis on these layers of data to determine such things as slope and aspect, depth to groundwater, or the best location for a new well.

DNR GIS and IT Team

Raul Campos-Marquetti –  GIS/IT Division Manager 

Aaron Montoya – GIS Analyst

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