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  • Achnatherum hymenoides : Indian Rice Grassm – (formerly Oryzopsis) This native grass forms clumps which turn an attractive gold color when ripe and are covered with feathery nodding seed heads.  A must in native planting.  Full sun, any soil, drought tolerant and will self sow readily.
  • Agropyron desertorum : Crested wheatgrass  – A cool season bunch grass 18 – 24”. Needs heavier soils, moderate water, fill sun. Attractive seed heads curing to a golden in midsummer.
  • Andropogon gerardii Big Bluestem  – (formerly Bothriochloa) Tall bunchgrass to 6’ tall and 2’ wide. Colorfull in fall when leaves turn russet. Drought tolerant but does perfer infrequent deep water. Full sun.
  • Andropogon scoparious : Little Bluestem – (formerly Schizachyrium scoparium)  This bunch grass is most noticeable in fall when the seed heads are fuzzy white and the stems turn a warm bronze, 2-4’ tall depending on moisture.  Well drained soil, full sun, periodic water.
  • Bouteloua curtipendula  : Side oats gramma –  A taller bunch grass (30×12”), it mixes well with the medium size flowers or in meadows with blue gramma or buffalo grass. A warm season grass, it cures a rich tan in fall and has attractivered seeds. Although not picky about soil, it prefers deep periodic water and full to part sun.
  • Bothriochloa barbinodis : cane bluestem –  (formerly Andropogon) A 12” bunch grass with fuzzy white seed heads turning warm tan in the fall. Need periodic deep water, any soil, full sun.
  • Erianthus ravennae  : Pampas grass  – Very showy clump grass 4-6’ tall with 7’ creamy white seed plumes.  Cut or burn back in spring to keep shape.  Well drained soil, full sun, occasional deep water.
  • Festuca ovina glauca : Blue fescue – Very fine textured clump grass of blue-green color with small spikes of straw colored seed (8-12″ X 8-12″).  Full sun, well drained soil moderately drought tolerant.
  • Helictotrichon semper virens  : Blue avena grass  – Cool season bunch grass leaves 12”, seed heads 30”.  Blue-gray foliage for sun to part sun with moderate water.  A smaller alternative to pampas grass.
  • Muhlenbergia pungens : Sandhill muhley  – This is a native bunch grass with purple seed heads growing best in sandy or well drained soils.  It reaches 18-24” X 8-10”.  Full sun, drought tolerant, will self sow.
  • Muhlenbergia torreyi : Ring muhley  – Bunch grass which eventually expands to form ring with bare center.  Blades very fine light green to gold.  Seed heads purple to gold.  Prefers sandy to well drained soil, full sun, very drought tolerant.
  • Nassella tennuissima : Threadgrass/ Mexican Feather Grass – ( formerly Stipa) This versatile bunch grass can grow from 8”-4’, depending on moisture. The very thin blades are drought tolerant when established (periodic deep water) have a lacy seed head and will tolerate all but the heaviest soils.
  • Sorgastrum nutans  :  Indian grass – Coarse bladed clump grass with showy seed heads 3 to 8’ tall. Turning yellow to bronze in Summer to Late Fall. Will grow in any soil, but requires weekly watering in sand. Full sun.
  • Sporobolus gianteus : Giant dropseed – This bunch grass inhabits edges of arroyos in sandy areas growing to 4 feet depending on water.  A beautiful lemon yellow when ripe.  Full sun.
  • Sporabolus wrightii : Giant sacaton  – A warm season bunch grass reaching six feet. Occurs in arroyo fans natively. Good accent grass should be cut back or burned yearly to remove dead growth. Well drained soil, full sun, bi -weekly water in summer.
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