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Native Plants Annuals, Biennials

  • Baileya multiradiata  : Desert marigold – Bright yellow daisy flowers top this 1-1 ½’ biennial all summer.  Leaves woolly white.  Self sows.  Well drained soil, drought tolerant, full sun.
  • Coreopsis tinctoria : Dwarf plains red coreopsis – The hardy annual will bloom  from April – August with mahogany red compound flowers on 1-2’ multi-branched stems.  Prefers full sun in any soil and moderate water.
  • Digitalis purpurea  : Foxglove – Lavender to purple flower spikes top this leafy biennial.  This 2-4’plant prefers part to full shade, regular water and a well drained amended soil.  Plant parts poisonous. Blooms second year.
  • Eschscholtzia california  : California poppy  – Showy biennial with bright orange blooms from spring to mid-summer readily self sows.  Any soil type, drought tolerant, full sun.
  • Gazania rigens : Gazania  – Clump plant with gray-green leaves hairy white underneath.  Flowers large orange, yellow daisy-like.  Drought tolerant when established. Full sun, any soil.  Can be brought inside in winter.
  • Gomphrena glubosa : Globe amaranthus  –  Many-branching, upright annual covered all summer with round clover-like flowers in pink, white, lavender, or purple. Full sun, regular water, amended soil. Good for dried arrangements.
  • Hippomanica var. violaceu : Nierembergia ‘purple robe’  – Many branched mounding plant (6 X 12”) with cup shaped purple flowers, leaves narrow stiff.  Full sun, periodic water, amended soil.
  • Linum rubrum : Scarlet flax – Best if planted in mass, this hardy annual can withstand heat and drought when established.  The deep scarlet flowers bloom in early summer and prefers full sun and well drained soil.
  • Lobularia maritima : Sweet alyssum – This low growing (8-12”) vigorous annual will provide months of white blossoms in any soil with periodic watering and full sun.  Good for borders or rock gardens.
  • Alyssum : “Rosie o’ day’  –  Same as white alyssum with deep pink flowers.
  • Malva sylvestris :  Zebrina hollyhock  – This self-sowing annual (1-3’ X 2’) is a must for gardens with its bright green leaves and white and purple flowers.  They bloom all summer, are drought tolerant when established and will live in a variety of soil and sun conditions.
  • Origanum majorana : Sweet marjoram – Perennial culinary herb grown as annual here or in pots for winter.  Has small gray-green leaves with spikes of white flowers in summer (8” X 4”).  Needs regular water, part shade and amended soil.  Good for flavoring meats, soups, vegetables, salads, vinegar.
  • Portulaca grandiflora : Moss rose – Very drought tolerant summer annual with fleshly leaves and flowers from orange to yellow, white to pink.  Any soil type, full sun.  Plant in those hard areas for quick color.
  • Salvia coccinea : Scarlet salvia – Another tender perennial that may act as an annual, this showy red flowered salvia is a favorite for hummingbirds.  The 18” multi-branched plant blooms from June until frost in amended soil, full sun with regular water.
  • Scutellaria drummondii : Skullcap  –  Spring blooming annual native to the plains of southeast NM. Flowers blue violet on 9” – 11” multiple stems. Will self sow prolifically. In watered areas can maintain as a short lived perennial. Full to part sun, regular water, amended soil
  • Tagetes putula : French marigold  – We grow these all time favorites because they never fail.  In every shade and mixture of yellow, orange and burgundy, these easy to grow annuals will self sow and provide years of color.  Plant as decorative flowers and in your garden to repel root nematodes.
  • Thymophylla tenuiloba : Dahlberg daisy  – Low growing annual with fern-like foliage and bright gold daisy-like flowers. Good in baskets, barrels, or borders. Fairly drought tolerant, full sun amended soil.
  • Thunbergia alata : Black-eyed Susan vine  – Trailing annual (here) with trumpet shaped orange, yellow or white flowers with black throats.  Full sun, regular water, amended soil.  Good for walls, fences and hanging baskets
  • Viola cornuta : Johnny jump-up  – For early spring color these little purple and yellow faces can’t be beat.  The six to ten inch plants will bloom longer if cut back periodically and placed in part shade.  They like an amended soil and regular water.
  • Zinnia angustifolia : Garden zinnia –  9”-12” tall with spreading habit covered with 1” flowers in shades of orange, gold and white. Blooms all summer. Full to part sun, amended soil, regular water.
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